Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Taos Virtual Wool Festival 2020

 Hello Festival Enthusiasts!

This year the Taos Wool Festival is online. We are offering our professional quality wet and needle felting machines with FREE Shipping in the Continental USA. Check them out at

Our Award winning wall hanging from the Fiber Rocks exhibit is for sale.

                                                               Title: A Glimpse of the Past
                                             Materials: Merino wool, dyed silk, bison fur, knit fabric.
                                                                     Size: 43" x 35"
                                                                         Price: $750

A collection of garments by Anne Vickrey Evans is available at the wearable art store "Artemisia" located in Taos, New Mexico on Bent Street. 

                Go to their web site to see the collection or visit their store if you are in Taos.

The garments include alpaca from New Mexico, merino wool and assorted sheep breeds some are needle felted then wet felted fabrics and studio dyed.

Email us or call if you have any questions or for ordering:
phone:  1-800-450-2723

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