Thursday, May 17, 2012

This is another full outfit, this time in blue/green color scheme. I call it "Peaceful Waters". It is made up of an eight point handkerchief skirt, an obi belt, bolero, scarf and hat. I dyed a purchased silk camisole top to go with it. It is all handmade felt and silk (fabric and natural silk fibers). The question I had was whether it looked better with or without the hat. It is amazing the difference that a hat makes! I think the hat pulls it together?

I had a hard time not dyeing this piece but my friend "Martha" enlightened me to the beauty of the white, undyed felt and she was absolutely right! I love this piece and it was fun styling it with the red accent pieces.

New Work Photo Shoot - May 2012

 I have been constructing a number of studio-dyed boleros because I love the fabric that has 60% shrinkage. The boleros above all are merino wool felted together with natural silk fiber (not fabric). The scarves are dyed to match the boleros and felted with fabric and wool using the hyprid felt collage technique I developed a year and a half ago. The

My most recent work is the lilac and magenta kimono style coat is constructed of handmade felt  - studio dyed with some shibori pole-wrapping techniques.